VIDEO: Strange Aircraft Seen At Lockheed Martin Facility

The footage shows a strange aircraft of some sort at Lockheed’s Helendale Radar Cross Section Facility.

Credit: Twitter / TikTok / Ruben Hofs

Here’s a strange one that oughta baffle you a bit.

The video was shot at Lockheed Martin’s super-secretive Helendale Radar Cross Section Facility and the Skunk Works boss won’t say a dang thing about the saucer-like object in question.

I mean, that makes sense. The video was shows the sleek and aerodynamic object being pulled on the back of a flatbed trailer. Take a gander.

The video was first shared on Twitter by user Ruben Hofs. Those on social media went nuts trying to figure out the mystery, and they’re not about to get any clues from Skunk Works general manager Jeff Babione,

He was asked to comment on it during a recent Defense One interview.

“I can’t speak about it,” Baboine said with a smile.

The video was then shared to TikTok, where it received a bunch of chatter and theories and expert opinions. Here are some of the following comments:

“It’s a demonstration model for the shape and/or possibly the skin material.”

“Probably not functional or even final design. The giant pedestal mount bottom center will be where it’s secured so that it can be tested for stealth capabilities.”

“Looks cool.”

Credit: Twitter / TikTok / Ruben Hofs

Then you’ve got the skeptics that are wondering how someone managed to capture the object on camera when it’s supposedly in a heavily-monitored military compound.

“If this IS a top secret project, why and how is the government allowing folks running around with cellphones to take photos of it and post them in the clear? I am as fascinated to see this as the next person, but neither I nor anyone should see it so freely.”

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