‘Chupacabra Of The Ocean’ Washes Up On A Beach in Panama

Horrifying Video of Mystery ‘Creature’ Washed Up on the Beach Sparks Wild Theories.

Credit: alidupin1 / TikTok

A pretty strange — and wonky — video showing a “creature” washed up on a beach in Central America has been watched millions of times, and people are still debating what it was.

Ali Dupin captured the funky corpse in Playa Venao, Panama and shared it to various social media sites, including TikTok and YouTube.


Holy shit I found this weird creature on the beach last night in playa venao!! foryou foryoupage 4u

♬ original sound – alidupin1

Dupin stumbled across the creature at night and filmed a close-up of the head and mouth, before panning down the body to the feet.

Being that the video was viewed millions of times, she received plenty of suggestions over what it could be. Some people thought it was a monkey carcass, while others claimed the video was a fake — staged for attention or perhaps more likes to boost their online presence.

What the heck do you think this is? One user suggested it’s “chupacabra of the ocean.” It’s terrifying to think of that being a possibility.

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