Online Store Is Selling ‘Wet Pants Denim’ For $75 A Pair

The hand-stained jeans from Wet Pants Denim are individually made for each order, the site says.

Credit: Wet Denim Jeans

Have you ever spilled something on your pants at a restaurant, or perhaps let the public restroom’s sink splash you while washing your hands?

Maybe Wet Pants Denim is for you.

We’ve seen plenty of wonky fads over the years — remember Jnco Jeans? However, this new pair of pants is so bizarre that it’ll probably become popular.

“Wet look, dry feel,” the company promises. “Our jeans are designed to mimic the aesthetic of urinary incontinence without the commonly associated discomfort.”

The founder of Wet Pants Denim — a 20-something Manhattanite who won’t share his name or company sales figures — assures me the company’s products are “100% real,” and a reporter from Mel Magazine confirms this after ordering a pair to see for himself. 

Credit: Wet Denim Jeans

“Believe it or not, there are people who actually do enjoy the ‘wet look,'” the company’s creator tells me via email, sharing this photo to prove the point. “It’s unclear to us if this is meant as a sexual fetish or for pure shock value, though it doesn’t really matter either way.” 

The hand-stained jeans from Wet Pants Denim are individually made for each order, the site says. Choose from blue denim with a dark blue splotch; light gray denim with a dark gray spot; or white with yellow dye for that extra drop of realism. The company calls this style its “summer-inspired urinary incontinence jean,” which might come across as shocking, or even offensive, to those who struggle with real urinary incontinence. 


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“You could make a case that these pants are bringing more attention and awareness to the issue,” the creator counters. A questionable claim, but the company website includes a link to a YouTube video from a urologist explaining the causes and symptoms of urinary incontinence, as well as treatment options.

So, does this mean it’s finally cool to pee your pants?

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