‘Ghost’ Captured In A Photo Near A Former Civil War Hospital

The image, which was posted up on Reddit, shows what has been described as a ‘demon-like ghost’.

Credit: Drewb1072 / Reddit

There is a Reddit user by the name of Drewb1072, and they’ve taken a photograph outside a home in Chattanooga, Tennessee — once a Civil War army hospital.

In the post labeled as “what did I take a picture of,” they stated that they were trying to capture a photo of a “tree smiling and didn’t notice the figure until later.”

A mod of the subReddit “Ghosts and Paranormal” — r/Ghosts — shared the following about the photo and what the Reddit user had to say about their finding:

I was photographing a home today in Chattanooga Tn. The homeowner warned me and the realtor before we arrived that her house is “haunted”. She goes on to say that the home was used as an army hospital during the Civil War. Patients were operated on inside the home and then moved to the field out back where most would die after being placed in tents. This photo was taken of the tree’s face, and I didn’t notice the figure behind it until this evening. I walked all around that field photographing it for the seller, and not once did I see that shape by the fence in person, or in any other shots.

There’s a large backyard/ field. Standard chain link fence. Now in my opinion, whatever is captured here is behind that chain link fence (which is around 80-100 yards away) but In front of the neighbour’s side yard fence (roughly 120 yards away).

Credit: Drewb1072 / Reddit

After plenty of other Reddit users gazed at the photos and expressed their opinions, the owner of the photo continued to provide information about it — assuring that it’s not a doctored image or fake.

The fact of the matter is, 1) it’s not intentionally faked. I understand you just have to take peoples word for it. 2) I take photos for a living, not of spirits – but of real estate. I would notice if I needed to remove a garbage bag stuck on a fence or a big piece of fabric hung on the fence. There was NOTHING there after the photo was snapped. 3) I joined this group just for this image. The stories I have heard about this property, the number of people who died in that field (according to a photo of the old tombstone, 155 unknown confederate soldiers) and just the fact that nothing else lines up to me. It makes me scratch my head.

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