Why ‘Batman Returns’ Is The Best Batman Movie Ever Made

It’s exactly how Tim Burton wanted to make a Batman film and it definitely pushed the limits.

Credit: Warner Bros.

After Tim Burton was given the chance to film and release Batman in 1989, he went full-on Burton with the sequel/the best Batman movie ever made — Batman Returns.

Warner Bros. let him do whatever he wanted because the first was such a success.

Therefore, there are many reasons why Batman Returns is the absolute “top dog” when it comes to other Batman movies, so I decided to point out a few that may convince you to toss your other Batman DVDs, VHS tapes, digital downloads, or whatever format you have into the garbage can.

Just joking. I actually like most Batman movies, but clearly, Batman Returns is incredibly better than the rest.

I mean, the movie begins with Pee-Wee Herman tossing his son (the Penguin) into a chilly river so that he can die in the sewer. That’s pretty dark and full of doom and gloom, right? For Tim Burton, it’s exactly how he wanted to make a Batman movie and it definitely pushed the limits.

Okay, here are some reasons why the film should be at the top of every superhero/comic book film fan’s list.

1. It’s the perfect Christmas movie for people who either love or hate the holiday.

2. The movie is so dark that there’s an evil circus gang.

3. No one can ever top Michelle Pfeiffer’s performance as Catwoman (I mean, she even put a bird inside her mouth).

4. Her transformation into an evil villain is wonderful

5. Oswald Cobblepot is creepy as heck.

6. Danny Devito eating raw fish. Sushi, anyone?

7. Tim Burton must be a time traveler. He snuck in a photo of Arnold Schwarzenneger (who becomes Mr. Freeze in a later movie) hanging out with one of the villains, Max Shreck.

8. Speaking of Max Shreck, he’s a corrupt politician — possibly the scariest and most villainous of all.

9. Max Shreck’s death is pretty terrifying, too.

10. There’s plenty of “pervy” jokes and innuendos in the film — many things that I didn’t notice as a little kid.

11. Michael Keaton will always be the best Bruce Wayne.

12. Tim Burton’s Batmobile was the slickest of them all. Batman could even light evil circus clowns on fire with the simple flip of a switch.

13. As a whole, the film is filled with iconic scenes that’ll stick in the brains of comic book fans and diehard film buffs for centuries.

Credit: Warner Bros.

I’ll stop there — there’s plenty more to mention, too — because you should honestly just watch the movie. Take notes while you watch it, too, because you’ll soon find that it’s the best Batman film to ever grace the silver screen, cathode ray television set that’s connected to a VCR, or any other screen of choice.

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