The Wild Sport Of ‘Combat Juggling’ (Yes, It’s A Real Thing)

It is a full contact sport and was created for only the best and most skilled of jugglers.

Credit: World Juggling Federation

So, just when you thought you’ve seen everything, think again because this mind-boggling sport takes the cake. When you first glance at the name of the sport, it may sound like it’d involve beating each other senselessly with clubs.

Think again, again.

Combat Juggling is a sport where two or more players begin by juggling a set of three clubs each. The players’ objective is to maintain juggling their clubs while simultaneously attempting to steal or knock away one of their opponents’ clubs.

The last player still juggling wins.

There’s even a World Juggling Federation that takes this ever so seriously.

“Combat Juggling integrates the skill of juggling three clubs into a team sport where team members must attack and destroy the opposing force’s ability to juggle. This is typically accomplished by throwing one of your own clubs up high allowing enough time to use the other two clubs to attack the airborne clubs of your opponent and then catching your club and resuming a 3 club juggle. There are a variety of different attack techniques and gameplay formats that allow for a multitude of strategies to be developed and implemented.”

The sport was recently shared on Reddit, giving the sport a new sense of fame on a platform that may not be aware of the hardcore sport of juggling, balance, and bruises.

If you’re not already entertained by watching the incredible skill displayed on camera, take a glance at the comment section of the Reddit post.

“I’m impressed to a certain extent.”

“There are cooler ways to not get laid.”

“Chads vs Brads.”

“Weak. Those aren’t even knives or chainsaws. What kind of combat is this?”

Credit: World Juggling Federation

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Matt Sterner

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