VIDEO: Chair Moves On Its Own Inside A Haunted Pub

Pub manager is worried that the ‘ghost Lady Lansdowne’ will scare off staff.

Credit: YouTube / Dogtooth Media

“I always try to find the most logical explanation so in the video, you can see me looking to see if it was something in my bag that had moved then I was trying to tell myself that maybe it was the wind.”

That’s what the Lansdowne Pub’s manager, Hayley Budd, had to say about rewatching the video captured in United Kingdom’s Cardiff. In the video, you can see Budd taking it easy at one of the tables while taking a break. It happened back in July 2021 but the mind-boggling video is just now picking up steam online.

She was taking a look at who knows what on her phone when one of the chairs opposite her can be seen moving all on its own. It’s hard to say if she moved the chair herself but judging by her reaction, I’d like to believe she didn’t.

“I wasn’t looking at the chair, I was looking at my phone but I saw it out of the corner of my eye,” she said. “I heard it as well so I asked a customer if they had seen anything and they’d also heard the noise. I wasn’t frightened enough to quit my job and run out of there but I was really shocked.”

When it comes to the Lansdowne Pub, it’s got an eery reputation for strange things.

“There’s a long-term rumor among the regulars about a woman haunting the pub and people who live in the flats above the pub say there’s strange things going on up there,” said Budd. “I’m not scared just because I’ve worked here for eight years and she’s never done anything that’s a cause for concern. She clearly just wants to make herself known.”

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