VIDEO: Alleged Ghost Lays The Smackdown On A Security Guard

A Colombian mayor shared a video of an intense alleged paranormal attack.

Credit: @JoseManuelRiosAlcalde

All right, someone get the Ghostbusters on the phone for this one.

A mayor in Colombia recently shared a video showcasing a beatdown from an alleged paranormal attack, and honestly, it whooped a security guard’s butt.

In the clip posted on Facebook, Jose Manuel Rios Morales, who is the mayor of Armenia, had this to say about the sighting:

“I want to share this video with you today, emphasizing that, as mayor, I have the conviction that faith has insurmountable power,” wrote Jose Manuel Rios Morales, mayor of Armenia, above an Aug. 3 Facebook video of the supposed phantom beatdown. 

In the video, there’s a lack of color and is grainy as heck, but it definitely shows something suspicious going on. Out of nowhere, the security guard can be seen throwing himself against a wall before falling to the ground and crawling backward.

Take a look for yourself:

Apparently convinced of the supernatural nature of the guard’s ordeal, Morales has since sought help to remove any malicious forces from the area.

“I want to give everyone a little peace of mind and let them know that, in the company of the Bishop and other religious leaders, we will bring God’s blessing to every corner of this workplace,” he said. “We ask for respect and a union in prayer, and we assure you that nothing can steal our peace and tranquillity because we are protected by the hand of our Lord.

Credit: @JoseManuelRiosAlcalde

Morales’ ghost story has plenty of his social media followers divided. Some believe it’s true and send their support while others feel it’s comical.

“Strength my mayor and friend. I send you hugs.”

“This is my mayor, always in the hands of the Creator.”

“The least they’ll say now is that the ghost is embezzling from the mayor…”

“I Want To Believe.”

What do you believe?

Could it be an invisibility cloak?

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