Nessie, Is That You? Sonar Picks Up A Creature In Loch Ness

The latest spotting marks the third sighting of the “Loch Ness Monster” this summer.

(Credit: Loch Ness Sightings)

Recently, a Nessie hunter claims they’ve captured images of the Loch Ness Monster swimming and minding its own business in the water using some extremely hi-tech equipment.

It’s strange because alleged sightings of the underwater creature have soared in the past few months, according to the Daily Record, and now one tourist believes he has proof of Nessie in the Loch.

That tourist would be Benjamin Scanlon. He was just named by the official Loch Ness Monster sightings register after recording a sound image of a creature that’s around 9-13 feet long.

Here’s what the register says about the sighting, which happened on August 26:

“Benjamin Scanlon was on holiday with his family and took a trip on the ‘Nessie Hunter’ of Loch Ness Cruises. He spotted something on the sonar on the boat and caught the image. “Captain Mike of the boat estimated it to be 3-4 metres in length, at a depth of about 20 metres, while the boat was in water about 40 metres deep.”

(Credit: Loch Ness Sightings)

According to Edinburgh Live, Scanlon was travelling on the “Nessie Hunter” vessel, which is used to ferry passengers on journeys around the Loch. I mean, with a name like the Nessie Hunter, I’d expect them to find something like this.

This latest report comes after a number of reported sightings in July and August, which claim to be the alleged plesiosaurus. It’s said that plesiosaurus generally grew to a length of around 11 feet, according to fossil records, placing its size right in the middle of Scanlon’s estimate.

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