30 Headless Goats Found In Georgia River, May Be A ‘Santeria Practice’

People practicing Santeria may be dumping headless goats in the Chattahoochee River.

Credit: Chräcker Heller

Over in the state of Georgia, plenty of people witnessed a shocking discovery of about 20-30 headless goats floating in the Chattahoochee River. That’s right — all of them had their heads cut off and many are saying it’s the practice of a ritual.

Georgia police are currently investigating this matter, but it’s hard to say if they’ll actually find out the truth of what happened.

However, the authorities are saying that it seems to be related to the “santeria” rituals performed by the local people in the area.

Sure, many people have heard the song “Santeria” by the band Sublime, but do you know what it actually is? Well, for one thing, it sometimes involves animal sacrifice.

Santeria is a ritual performed in mainly West Africa. It is related to Roman Catholic beliefs. According to Santeria Priests, the sacrifice of goats signifies victory and also to wish for children.

Environmentalist Jason Alsath told the local station in the area, Channel 2 Action News, that “the sheer number of goat bodies floating in the river was shocking because 20 to 30 animals were sacrificed, adding that it was the first time that the figure touched nearly 200.”

The local police managed to collect most of the dead bodies by fishing them out of the river, and now there’s some concern because a small group of people in the area drinks water from the river. Some feel that it may lead to potential food poisoning.

You can watch the news report here.

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