Is There A Ghost Haunting The Flint Castle In Wales?

A simple trip to a ruined castle in Flintshire, Wales turns into a scene out of a horror film.

Credit: The Leader

A man in Flintshire, Wales took this photograph during a visit to the castle with his young son. It wasn’t until he looked at the photos, after returning home, when saw what looks to be a figure on the grassy area in front of one of the castle walls.

Like in many similar cases, and how it typically is in horror movies, he hadn’t seen anyone else there at the time, according to The Leader.

The startled dad passed the image along to paranormal investigator Lynn Murphy so that they can wrap their head around it — not literally or in a creepy way, of course.

“He told me there was nobody else there inside the castle at the time and he took lots of photos of his son,” said Murphy. “When he got back to his home in Flint, he looked at the photos he had taken and noticed something in the background of one of the photos. He zoomed in more and got the shock of his life. I believe it is an apparition.”

Credit: The Leader

“What I will do now is go back to the castle and take more photographs,” said Murphy. “I have taken photos there before that have shown blurring, so I think there is some kind of energy there.”

She has since appealed for any other people who may have been visiting the castle that day to come forward to reveal if they had seen or heard anything unusual while they were there.

Flint Castle is the earliest of Wales’ English-built castles, founded as part Edward I’s campaign against Llywelyn ap Gruffydd. Building work began in 1277 and the castle was largely completed by 1284.

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