Credit: LancsLIve

Man Bounces More Than 10 Miles On An Inflatable Ball

He bounces more than 10 miles on the inflatable ball to get himself in the Guinness World Record books.

Credit: LancsLIve
Credit: LancsLIve

This British dude just bounced his way into history.

He ended up bouncing more than 10 miles on an inflatable ball to set a Guinness World Record, all while raising money for charity. He’s like a real-life Tigger from the Hundred Acre Wood.

David Kay said he came up with the idea for his record-breaking journey on a “space hopper” — an inflatable ball that allows a rider to bounce in the sitting position. It also allowed him enough time to brainstorm plans for Trinity Hospice and Palliative Care Services fundraisers.

Kay said he has originally intended to bounce a full 13 miles down the Fylde coast, but he decided to stop after 10 1/2 miles due to the number of space hoppers he popped along the way and the strain the 17-hour bouncing session was putting on his body.

Kay said he took care to follow Guinness rules, including having someone filming him at all times. He said a member of his support team walked in front of him with a broom to keep potential hazards from popping his hoppers.

So, did he follow through with his fundraiser plans? Trinity Hospice and Palliative Care Services said Kay bounced past his $13,750 goal.

No too shabby, bouncy boy.

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