Credit: Alvin Acyatan

VIDEO: People Near Toronto Think A ‘Mr. Peanut’ Balloon Is A UFO

An object spotted in the sky over a Toronto suburb sparked speculation that it might have been some kind of alien craft.

Credit: Alvin Acyatan
Credit: Alvin Acyatan

Something was afoot in Canada… and it’s a little nutty.

Recently, a video shared online showing a “UFO” in the skies in the city of Mississauga near Toronto was driving people nuts, so to speak. (Apologies for the two nut punts in a row there).

The video, which was posted on Youtube, was timestamped as being shot on August 21 and showed a shadowy object creeping across the sky. Take a peek at the photo below.

Over the days, many tried to guess its origins, but it didn’t take long for smart observers to notice that the craft was not likely a visitor from another world. Instead, they found that the shape was a friendly dude with a top hat and a cane.

“It’s a Mr. Peanut balloon,” wrote Alvin Acyatan in the comments section of insauga.com.

They even added the story to a recent newscast, which you can view below:

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