‘Hail Satan!’: ABC News Report Gets Interrupted By Satanic Ritual

A news report in Australia was unexpectedly interrupted recently by some sort of strange satanic ceremony.

A lot of mix-ups and screw-ups happen during live newscasts or any type of live broadcast for that matter, but this one is really burnin‘ on the viral video circuit.

A recent ABC News segment, which is a network owned by Walt Disney, was airing a story about new animal welfare legislation until it was unexpectedly interrupted by a clip. That clip was a Satanic ritual and it’s hard to say how it got in the mix in the first place.

“Hail Satan” can clearly be heard before it jumps back to the anchor on screen.

The speaker in the video is also giving “devil horn” gestures with his hands.

Check it out:

The broadcaster delivering the news — or was trying to, at least — Yvonne Yong, managed to keep a straight face after coming back on air from the video mixup. She made a brief and professional pause and then moved right onto the next story. 

It’s hards to say how Satan got mixed up in the newscast, but are you really surprised?

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Matt Sterner

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