VIDEO: Creepy Face Appears Behind A Girl Riding Down A Slide

Mom is‘ in shock’ after a ‘ghostly’ figure appears behind her daughter on a slide in Mexico.

Credit: Newsflash/australscope

All right, playtime is over for this spirit. This creepy ghost needs to go to timeout for what it’s done to the nerves of the thousands of people who have seen this video.

The spooky video comes from Mexico and it appears to show a ghostly face popping up behind a little girl as she rides down a slide.

It’s creepy as heck and the original footage was reportedly filmed by Hernandez Blankhaa while her husband and daughter were playing at a park in the community of San Nicolas de los Garza.

She did what any mom of this generation would do and posted the video to her Facebook page a few days later, stating that “I did not know whether to upload this or not, but I decided to share it.”

Take a look at the creepy face that appears behind the girl and then quickly vanishes.

“I told several people that I was shocked and asked them what’s there. My daughter and her father were scared. I don’t know why this happened or why it happened to my baby daughter … every time I watch this video it makes my skin crawl. I just wanted to share this paranormal story with you, and someone please can give me a hypothesis for this because I am in shock.”

At first watch, I thought of the 2008 Swedish film Let the Right One In and it’s possible that the face isn’t meant to be scary at all — a friend, so to speak.

Credit: Sandrew Metronome

Then I watched it a second time and I now avoid playgrounds.

Of course, Blankhaa’s social media post ended up going viral with skeptic viewers offering all sorts of theories for the source of the wonky face. Some suggested that it could be a ghost and others arguing that it was merely a clever hoax. 

“It has a really ghostly face, it’s true.”

“You can tell it is someone in a mask.”

“It’s just an ugly kid hanging out with them.”

Credit: Newsflash/australscope

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