worms eyeview of green trees

VIDEO: Hiker Says He Caught ‘Bigfoot’ Watching Him In The Woods

Outdoor adventurer Mike Bodewitz has captured what he believes to be evidence of a real-life Bigfoot.

worms eyeview of green trees
Photo by Felix Mittermeier on Pexels.com

So, there’s a man claiming that Bigfoot was watching him in the woods. He managed to grab a video clip of the incident, too, showing an alleged large, ape-like creature partially obscured by the foliage.

According to Bodewitz, he had caught sight of it while walking through a ravine, saying, “I saw it with my own eyes. I didn’t want to get any closer to make it nervous or anything, but it’s clearly keeping an eye on me. I felt that I needed to back away and move further up the hill to give it some space.”

The video — which can be seen below — is pretty tricky to make out and it does not appear as though the ‘Bigfoot’ actually moves at all during the clip. The fact that it has been recorded from another screen is also a bit of a red flag, but it’s still fun to watch.

While many of the comments on the video are understandably skeptical, one user described having a very similar experience with an unidentified creature.

“Saw one years ago,” they wrote. “They are really fast. REALLY fast. It took off up a steep hill like nothing I’ve ever seen. Wish I had more than a flip phone then.”

Perhaps if people would listen to the classic tune by Rockwell, they’d be believers.

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