hands holding miniature dinosaurs

Have You Ever Wondered Which Dinosaurs Roamed In Your ‘Hood?

A new interactive map shows which dinosaurs lived where throughout time.

hands holding miniature dinosaurs
Photo by Cup of Couple on Pexels.com

Ever wonder if you’re sharing the same trails as those from prehistoric times? Now there’s a map for that!

Paleontologist Ian Webster used Experiments with Google to create an interactive map where curious folks can research what any place in the world might have looked like, ranging from 20 million to 750 million years ago.

Ancient Earth Globe can show you what Earth looked like at nearly any point in time. Got a specific city in mind? Just type it in the City Name box and voila! A red pin will appear in that location along with a list of fossils found near the area.

Super cool, right?! …I think so, too. Click here to try it out.

Once the town has been chosen and you’ve picked a dinosaur that existed in that area, a new page will open up – full of fun facts and pictures telling you all about the dinosaur such as what it ate, when it lived, and specific places fossils have been discovered.

You can even change the date to see how geographic locations changed as tectonic plates shifted throughout the years, altering both the location and shape of the continents!

Did you know that Florida used to be submerged?! Neither did I.

Webster says that this project helps to understand the magnitude of how our environment can change, that Earth’s history is more expansive than we could ever fully grasp, and that it’s nowhere near done evolving.

“It is meant to spark fascination and hopefully respect for the scientists that work every day to better understand our world and its past.” -Ian Webster in his discussion with CNN

The map is super in-depth but also easy to use, making it great for teachers, parents, and kids alike as they learn more about Earth’s science and history.

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