VIDEO: Squad Of ‘UFOs’ Caught On Camera Flying Over Nashville

The video was shared on YouTube and Reddit, but no one seems to have an explanation of what these strange lights could be.

Credit: christianplass / Pixabay

A new video is flying around online and it appears to be several glowing orbs darting this way and that over the city of Nashville, Tennessee.

The video was shared to Reddit with the following text attached:

“Anyone in Nashville seeing these lights right now,” the witness asked, “I feel like I’m not lucky enough to be seeing a UFO so I need a second eye.”

Now, there are plenty of flashy lights in Nashville, but they’re down here on the ground with us humans on stages. So, to see these kinds of lights up in the sky, the sight of it makes people feel nervous and confused.

The Reddit user who filmed the odd objects went on to say “they are going in what seems like random flight patterns. Suddenly accelerating around. Some will go really high up and behind clouds.”

“I can’t think of anything that moves like this.”

So, it’s hard to say what the lights are but some of the viewers suggested that they could be birds, terrestrial aircraft, or even bats.

“There are huge lights there 24/7 and the bats like them oddly enough.”

What the heck do you think they are?

Matt Sterner

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