Thief Uses A Giant Hook To Steal A Purse from 10th-Story Apartment

Viral video of the burglary shows the pole entering a window, then slowly snaking across the room before hooking the bag.

Credit: South China Morning Post

Here’s something you don’t see every day.

At the moment, an apparent citywide manhunt is on for a Hong Kong thief who was caught on camera using a homemade “apparatus” to steal a purse.

Okay, it’s impressive that he used a makeshift, gigantic hook to snag the bag, but it’s even more incredible that he did it 10-stories up. The crook was out on some scaffolding and it’s hard to say if this was even the first time he’s gotten away with it.

The person had about $154 and some bank cards in the purse.

You’ve got to see it for yourself, though. Check out the masked intruder, wearing gloves and a black cap, wielding a bamboo pole fixed with a metal hook to carefully lift the purse from a sofa.

Matt Sterner

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