‘Bigfoot Benefit Hike’ Encourages People To ‘Bag A Yeti’

Benefit hike (hunt for Bigfoot) to aid in the capital fund of Barr Camp on Pikes Peak in Colorado.

Credit: Spencer McKee/OutThereColorado

There’s a “quirky adventure” going on near Pikes Peak in Colorado, and it’s been set up to the ailing budget of a nearby camp — Barr Camp.

An event was created to save the camp and also encourage those participating to capture Bigfoot herself/himself, but in this case, it’s a man dressed up in a furry costume.

Proceeds are going to the camp’s nonprofit that funds resident caretakers, insurance, infrastructure, food, and supplies, all participants will get to say they helped the mountain’s famous waystation by registering.

However, only the winners will get to say they spotted Sasquatch — AKA a dude named Russ Iverson.

The hike will be along the lesser-traveled Mount Esther Trail, a moderate, nearly 6-mile stretch from the Crow Gulch trailhead along the Pikes Peak Highway.

“Some participants might run,” said Iverson, “while others might rest on a rock, eyes peeled for him in costume. Prizes will go to the first three who see Bigfoot.”

The event has the tickets broken down into three tiers so that you can “bag a yet.” It all depends on how much you want to spend, I mean, support the camp.

There is the Run-of-the-mill Bigfoot hunter for $20 that includes a goodie bag and map, the Super Bigfoot hunter for $35 that comes with some fancy Bigfoot clothing, and the Super-dee-duper Bigfoot hunter for $55 that includes everything the other two options have with an additional “map with a hint that significantly narrows your hunt for Bigfoot.”

“Will trail racers come out? Hopefully. Will people that just like to hike come out? Hopefully,” Iverson said. “I’m hoping there’s a grab bag of people that just love the mountain, love Barr Camp.”

Hey, you never know… maybe someone will have a run-in with an actual Sasquatch. What kind of grand prize would the person get for finding the real thing?

Matt Sterner

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