The Wonky Ways Of Denver International Airport

Trippy and worth the read. Things you may not know about DEN.

Denver International Airport (DEN) isn’t just one of the busiest airline hubs in the world, shuffling through more than 61 billion passengers each year; it’s also home to a collection of conspiracies, controversies, and peculiar decor.

We’ve gathered a few of the oddities here to tickle your curiosity.

1. There’s a talking gargoyle waiting to greet you at baggage claim

Gargoyles are said to symbolize condemned souls, forbidden to enter the church, which is why they’re often found outside of religious buildings. The price for “sinning” was their being turned to stone…and a new job of welcoming you to your destination

2. Apocalyptic art is all the rage

untitled image

Some of the art at DEN has left many eyebrows raised through the years.

The images offer some uplifted titles such as “Children of the World Dream of Peace” and “In Peace and Harmony with Nature,” but the heft of dead kids, fire-filled streets, and terrified citizens have invited many questions as to the choice of artistic preference for the airport setting.

3. Topped with the mark of the Freemasons, a time capsule is scheduled to open in 2094

The Freemasons is an organization that is often subject to its own conspiracy theories. The marker also contains a statement, “The time capsule beneath this stone contains messages and memorabilia to the people of Colorado in 2094”. I wonder what the Coloradans of 2094 will find when they crack into that bad boy?!

(See the Simpsons Stonecutters espisode for further Freemason-inspired conspiracy quips)

4. A 32 foot tall blue, veiny horse with always-glowing red eyes is posted up outside

The 9,000 pound blue mustang was created by New Mexico artist, Luis Jiménez.

Tough luck for him as Blucifer (nickname from the locals) took him out in 2006 when a piece of the sculpture’s head broke off and severed an artery in his leg. Yikes.

5. Secret tunnels and an underground bunker make it a mystery novel-lover’s dream

DEN is said to house the largest underground bunker in the world. There’s even been a whistleblower that dared to speak out on the underground base, which includes several secret tunnels. Conspiracy theorists claim that it was especially intended for New World Order (another alleged Freemasons connection).

Maybe we’ll find out more come 2094!

Other facts on the travel hub:

  • Budget for the airport went over by $2 billion, totaling $4.8 billion for the build. Official accounting is unable to verify where the extra money was actually worked into the project.
  • They began with and used a faulty baggage operating system for over ten years before finally pulling the plug in 2005; reverting to the manual baggage system used by other airports.
  • The shape of the six runways laid out at the airport are in the shape of a modified swastika, as seen from the air. One (I, being “one”) would hope that it’s intended to reflect the initial symbolism of the swastika, being peace…but the world may never truly know.
  • It’s earned it’s title of “weirdest airport in the world”.

Matt Sterner

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