Credit: Johnatha Basto / YouTube

WATCH: Guitarist Shreds ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ With His Feet

Musicians blows everyone’s mind by playing the Guns N’ Roses smash hit with his toes.

Credit: Johnatha Basto / YouTube
Credit: Johnatha Basto / YouTube

For those who squirm when they see the sight of feet, look away and don’t watch this video. However, if seeing someone else’s toes don’t bother you, and you’ve got a passion for extremely talented guitar playing, keep reading.

YouTube user Johnatha Bastos doesn’t have hands, but that doesn’t stop him from shredding on the guitar. I’m going to go out on a limb here and also say that he’s better than a lot of guitarists that have two very capable hands.

“My name is Johnatha Bastos, I am a musician, a Christian and the purpose of this channel is to demonstrate the overcoming of someone who loves life, loves God and loves others.”

It’s not the only video demonstrating his sick skills and toe-shredding madness, and fellow YouTubers seem to be having a ball chiming in.

“As a guitar player…watching this makes me feel both inspired and deFEETed.”

”Guns N’ Toeses.”

“His toes are more talented than my fingers.”

“I can’t even play guitar with my hands!”

For more of his videos, check out his YouTube account.

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