Credit: ACG Case Reports Journal

Ladybug Found Hanging Out Inside A Man’s Colon

The ladybug in question is a Harmonia axyridis, which was introduced to North America as a means of pest control back in the early 1900s.

Credit: ACG Case Reports Journal
Credit: ACG Case Reports Journal

Have you ever purchased a salad from a grocery store and found an insect there between the lettuce and other vegetables?

Here’s a tale about a little bug that could.

A ladybug was discovered hanging out in the “transverse colon” during a colonoscopy screening of a 59-year-old man. The report also states that he’s currently living with no comorbidities.

“Bug ingestions are rarely reported but can occur even during sleep,” stated in the report. “The patient’s colonoscopy preparation was 1 gallon of polyethylene glycol the evening before colonoscopy, and the colonoscopy examination was otherwise normal.”

Credit: ACG Case Reports Journal
Credit: ACG Case Reports Journal

You’re probably wondering how this little Ladybug managed to stay alive inside another living being’s body, right?

“His colonoscopy preparation may have helped the bug to escape from digestive enzymes in the stomach and upper small intestine,” the report also stated.

It’s may not the worst thing to inhale while sleeping at night. However, I’m sure a lot of people will start checking their salads carefully before devouring them. The case study doesn’t mention whether the insect actually managed to escape the colon alive, but it sure had a heck of a ride on the way out.

You can check out the full report here.

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