Credit: Reuben Tan / TikTok

Ghost Caught ‘Working Out’ With Exercise Equipment in Singapore

Senior citizen in Singapore doesn’t seem to be bothered by the “haunted” exercise equipment.

Credit: Reuben Tan / TikTok
Credit: Reuben Tan / TikTok

Spirits like to stay in shape, too, apparently.

The following video was shared out of Singapore at an outdoor “fitness corner” in Ang Mo Kio. These fitness corners/outdoor gyms are common and can be found near playgrounds, but how often do you see a so-called ghost pumpin’ it up?

Sure, it can be the wind, but it appears to be the only thing blowing around like that. It’s as if the ghost got ahold of too many protein shakes and adrenaline to keep calm around pedestrians. Although, it isn’t phasing the elderly woman in the video.

Perhaps she’s seen plenty of ripped spirits in her time. Check it out for yourself.

So, does the supernatural like to flex in public? It’s hard to say, but I wouldn’t want to run into the ghost in a dark alley or make it upset.

Matt Sterner

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