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Man Wears A Disguise To Take His Girlfriend’s Graduation Exam

It’s a crime that could get the student one to five years behind bars.

Credit: Pulse.sn

Many people have cheated on a desk in school. Some transcribe the answers on their palms so they can take quick peeks during a quiz, while others use their peripheral vision to glance at another classmate’s decisions.

However, this method deserves an “A” for effort.

The case was first reported on Saturday, July 31, and it told the tale of the arrest of 22-year-old Khadim Mboup. The student is enrolled at Gaston Berger University in Saint-Louis and disguised himself as a girl to take the Baccalaureate instead of his girlfriend.

“I acted out of love because my girlfriend had serious difficulties,” said Mboup.

Credit: Pulse.sn
Credit: Pulse.sn

With the power of love, he put on a wig under a scarf, threw on some earrings, wore a bra, and even applied makeup. The disguise seemed to work because he got away with it for three days before supervisors caught on.

In the end, he and his girlfriend were charged with fraud.

Both of them risk being banned from participating in any National Education exam for a maximum of five years, a ban from taking any qualification or diploma examination issued by a public higher education establishment, a massive fine, and also spending anywhere between one and five years in jail.

You can read the full story in French at pulse.sn.

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