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Stinky Poop Kills 3 People Trapped In A Manure Pit

Manure pits can produce toxic gases that can so smelly they’re deadly.

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Three men in Ohio apparently died after going into a manure pit. They eventually passed out from the fumes, according to news reports

Now, these men didn’t go into the smelly manure pit for fun. They got into it to fix a pump, according to the local news outlet KDKA. Unfortunately, they were knocked unconscious by the fumes and therefore found themselves trapped in the pit without knowing. They were rescued but all three of them died at the hospital that same day, according to Insider.

Manure pits, which are used to store animal waste for use as fertilizer, create a toxic gas that can be deadly. All decomposing manure makes hydrogen sulfide, methane, ammonia, and carbon dioxide — all of which can be hazardous at high concentrations, according to the National Agricultural Safety Database (NASD).

Also, it’s said that it’s even potentially dangerous for rescuers to get those that trapped in the poo out of the pits. It’s truly the pits when it comes to these manure collections.

“Unless the rescuer is wearing SCBA protective equipment … there is a strong likelihood that the rescuer will also succumb to the toxic gases or lack of oxygen. There have been numerous instances where several farmers have been killed while attempting to remove someone from a pit or facility,” according to the NASD.

So, stay clear from animal poop is large quantities — that’s what we’ve learned here.

“Always treat a [manure] pit as if it is a death trap,” said the NASD.

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