Weber County Sheriff's Office

New Trend In Utah: People Are Setting Up Hammocks On Power Lines

Authorities in Utah are warning others about a weird trend involving people hammocking way up high on power lines.

Weber County Sheriff's Office
Credit: Weber County Sheriff’s Office

The Weber County Sheriff’s Office recently shared a wonky fad in a Facebook post, explaining a so-called thrill-seeking adventure people in Utah are participating in.

They’re climbing up towers and propping their hammocks on the power lines. It’s like these daredevils are trying to relax while taunting death.

The department shared a photo showing two people ascending a power line tower. Check out the zoomed-in photo below:

Credit: Weber County Sheriff's Office
Credit: Weber County Sheriff’s Office

“Over the past few years we have noticed an increase in people hammocking from the power lines on the bench of North Ogden and Pleasant View. As you can see in the picture below the hammockers are climbing up the tower and sometimes between power lines. These lines carry 75,000 kilovolts and that power can jump from the lines. This activity is extremely risky. Rocky Mountain Power and the Sheriff’s Office will be conducting extra patrols of the area and anyone caught on the towers will be cited for trespassing. We would really hate to see someone injured from either a fall or electrocution. Parents, please pass this along to your children.”

Posting the photos on their Facebook seems to be convincing others not to do it, but only time will tell. Followers commented on the post, though, and hopefully it allows the authorities to sleep at night — providing them some sort of hope.

Stupid is as stupid does. Give these guys a Darwin award.

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