UFO docuseries

New Docuseries ‘UFO’ To Premiere On SHOWTIME

SHOWTIME is about to get a plethora of subscriptions this weekend, once the docuseries drops on Sunday, August 8.

UFO docuseries

We’ve all seen it. The explosion of “UFO talk” has been captivating people all over the world. We’re seeing more and more research being spoken of, strange sightings, and fireballs falling from the sky — something that many would’ve figured is a falling star or burning space rock before the spotlight on UFOs beamed on.

Now, a new docuseries called UFO is premiering on SHOWTIME, and it’s probably going to induce a spike in subscription sales.

The Washington Post got to have a conversation with Mark Monroe, one of the series’ directors, and Greg Eghigian, a Pennsylvania State University history professor and one of the experts featured in the series.

Check out the intriguing conversations below as they explore the phenomenon of unidentified flying objects.

The four-part docuseries UFO premieres Sunday, August 8th on Showtime, with new episodes airing weekly.

Matt Sterner

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