Cat Caught Working On Its Six-Pack

Nothing to see here. Just a furry feline getting in a quick workout session.

Credit: @Confused_catss / Twitter

Those that are either avid fitness aficionados or simply love focusing on their health and well-being workout whenever they get a chance. Sometimes it involves walking on your tippy-toes while you push your shopping cart inside a grocery store, and other times it’s doing some pull-ups on your friend’s porch.

The same goes for critters of the animal kingdom.

For instance, cats have to be agile and always on alert because they never know when a dog or any other enraged animal will attack. Plus, chasing down birds oughta be less taxing on the body if a daily workout routine is practiced.

Take a look at this cat, for example. It’s getting in a few extra crunches before its next adventure up a tree.

The video was shared on the Twitter page Cats with Confusing Aura — an account that enjoys sharing videos of confused cats. However, many folks in the comments don’t think this cat is confused at all.

Watch out, dogs. This feline is gettin’ ripped.

Matt Sterner

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