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Snake Gives Birth To 17 Babies Under A Woman’s Bed

A woman describes the horror of discovering 18 snakes slithering under her bed as she was about to go to sleep.  

animal zoo green snake
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Here’s a tale that’ll send chills down your spine.

By now, you’ve read the headline and are expecting a slithering story that’ll make you think twice before looking under your own bed. Let’s get to the slimy details.

In Georgia, Trish Wilcher had to do a double-take after noticing what she initially thought was a “piece of fuzz” moving on the floor underneath her bed. You know, because fuzz likes to move on its own.

Moments later, she noticed another piece of so-called “fuzz” moving.

She eventually found the mama snake and 17 babies after “turning the bedroom upside down”. Wilcher suspects that the animal gave birth under her bed, which seems like a pretty safe spot for a snake to do such a thing.

The pictures shared on Facebook show just how hard it would be to see the snakes because they blend so well into the carpet — a reminder of how important it is to vacuum your floor more often than not.

Matt Sterner

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