Best Horror Movies According To Each U.S. State

Website KillTheCableBill.com teamed up with Rotten Tomatoes and others to settle the horror movie score.

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Just about everyone seems to be super confident about which scary movie is the absolute scariest, but then how can they all know the answer?

Truth is, there isn’t an answer. Although, there are plenty of opinions out there by some very opinionated people. Also, what exactly is a scary movie? Personally, some may think that Disney’s Pinocchio is a scary movie because it sends little kids to a place called Pleasure Island — some of human trafficking’s finest moments.

Let’s get to the bottom of this, though. It may be hard but we can at least figure out which scary movies are most popular in each U.S. state.

The site Kill The Cable Bill partnered with Mindnet Analytics and used a combination of information from Rotten Tomatoes and Google Trends to analyze how interest in horror movies varied by people in each state and the District of Columbia (DC).

Best Horror Movies: Interesting Findings

  • The Devil’s Backbone is the horror movie most places are obsessed with, appearing as the most loved in DC, Michigan, New Jersey, and Texas.
  • Bakjwi appears twice on our list, along with Freaks.
  • Some horror movie interests lie in the location they were shot or set in. For example, The Shining in Colorado.
  • Oregon is the most interested in horror movies, followed by Alaska, Washington DC, Utah, and Wyoming.
  • Southeastern states seem to have the least interest in scary movies.
  • Florida is the least interested, followed by Georgia, the Carolinas, and Mississippi.

Here are the findings for each U.S. state:

To read all about the survey, visit killthecablebill.com.

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