Creepy ‘Ghost Kid’ Takes A Stroll On The Highway In Australia

The incident shows what appears to be a child-like figure standing in the middle of one of the lanes.

Credit: Mitch Kuhne

So, what the heck do you think this is?

Someone driving down the highway near Bardia, New South Wales just about hopped out of their seat when a child-like figure appeared in the middle of the road. The eerie clip was captured on a dashcam by Mitch Kuhne.

If you watch the video, all of a sudden — and out of the blue — his camera catches a glimpse of a small figure on the left side of the screen.

Less than an hour after the kid scared the crap out of him, Kuhne called Macquarie Fields Police Station to offer his footage, but they apparently told him they didn’t see anything.

“I called the local station after realizing the dashcam would have footage and called to see where I could send it to help them so they know what it is we saw and could pinpoint the location,” Kuhne wrote on Facebook. “I was told on the phone by the officer that there is no need to send it as the child had been collected safely and was on its way home.”

Looking at the footage, it’s not even clear if the figure in the road was actually a child at all.

“I felt absolutely sick when all this happened I instantly felt so much better when I was told the kid had been collected.”

In the end, NSW Police have since told the Daily Mail that no child was found, despite officers searching the area until 3:45 a.m. the following day.

Matt Sterner

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