Man In A Bubble-Like Vessel Washes Up On A Florida Beach

The guy encountered ‘complications’ after leaving St. Augustine bound for New York, according to the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office.

Credit: Flagler County Sheriff’s Office

Oftentimes, a lot of strange news and odd stories come out of the state of Florida, but this one will really float your boat if you’re craving a weird tale.

The Florida resident washed ashore inside a bubble-like vessel — if that’s what you want to call it — after an apparent attempt to walk on water.

It all came to the local deputies’ attention when they began responding to calls from concerned folks who spotted the strange vessel on the beach in the Hammock area, said the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office. After a quick investigation, the vessel’s sole occupant was found inside — safe and sound without any injuries.

Credit: Flagler County Sheriff’s Office

So, where was this guy going?

He told authorities that he had set off for New York from the St. Augustine, Florida area before getting caught up in some “complications” that brought him back to shore, said the sheriff’s office.

The guy in the bubble ship was Reza Baluchi of Central Florida and he spoke with FOX35 Orlando about his attempt to float in his “bubble” vessel from Florida to Bermuda. If he couldn’t pull that off he had plans to travel north up the coast, to raise money for charity.

“My goal is to not only raise money for homeless people, raise money for the Coast Guard, raise money for the police department, raise money for the fire department,” Baluchi told the station. “They are in public service, they do it for safety and they help other people.”

Credit: Flagler County Sheriff’s Office

This isn’t Baluchi’s first rodeo, though. He’s been wrangled and rescued several times in previous years after setting off inside hydro bubbles.

After deputies found the vessel, the sheriff’s office said that the Coast Guard was called to the scene to take over the case and make sure that the vessel and its occupant met nautical safety standards.

Better luck next time, bubble buddy of the sea.

Matt Sterner

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