Large Fireball Lights Up The Sky Over Texas & Nearby States

Witnesses in at least five states reported seeing the spectacle fall from space.

Credit: Izayah McCardell

People like to flaunt the fact that things are bigger in Texas, and now they can say their strange fireballs in the sky are bigger, too.

In the later hours of the evening, residents of the Lone Star State and nearby states captured video of a fireball that burned brightly as it zipped across the sky.

The American Meteor Society logged at least 213 reports of a fireball Sunday night, with sightings reported in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Missouri.

Credit: Juliah Bandy

The fireball, believed to be a large meteor, was caught on video by dashboard cameras and doorbell cameras in Texas. Some people reported hearing a “loud booming sound” along with the light show.

Emergency responders in Rockwell, Texas, said there were unconfirmed reports that a portion of the object hit the ground near a rural road.

So, what do you think it was? Is it an intergalactic shipment from Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos? I don’t even want to think about the shipping rates on that package.

Matt Sterner

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