close up photography of grizzly bear

Alaska Man Rescued After A Week-Long Battle With A Grizzly Bear

A man in Alaska was rescued after enduring a nightmarish week-long battle with a grizzly bear that had attacked him multiple times.

close up photo of grizzly bear
Photo by Vincent M.A. Janssen on Pexels.com

Here’s something straight out of a movie. Actually, it’s happened on the big screen before, more recently in The Revenant, but it didn’t last for an entire week.

Here’s how the story goes:

It all happened at a remote camp approximately 40 miles from the city of Nome, Alaska. Staying there by himself with no form of communicating with the outside world, the man dealt with a worst-case scenario for those camping the woods.

He was attacked by a grizzly bear. This bear had a lot of energy, too, because he bugged the dude for days — a week, as a matter of fact. It sounds like an exhausting battle, but he initially managed to fend off the beast at first.

Over the course of the next week, the fuzzy grizzly bear returned to the man’s camp every night, which seemed like an attempt to finish what it had started. Each night, the no-so-happy camper was able to survive the attacks, but each fight left him with an injury like an injured leg, cuts, bruises — you name it.

close up photography of grizzly bear
Photo by Janko Ferlic on Pexels.com

Luckily, when he was down to only two remaining rounds of ammunition for his gun, a Coast Guard helicopter passed over his camp. The crew flying in the chopper eventually saw “SOS” and the words “Help Me” written on the roof of the small shack where the man had been staying.

There’s no word on what he used to write the words on the roof, but for theatrical reasons I’m going to say it was in blood. You know, just for a truly cinematic experience.

According to co-pilot A.J. Hammac, the crew met up with the man hiding in his shack and he was “on his hands and knees waving a white flag.” The disoriented dude went on to tell his tale of a weeklong one-on-one melee with a grizzly bear.

They swooped him up before the bear could come back and transported him to nearby hospital for medical treatment.

Sure, bear attacks in Alaska are something that comes with the territory, but wildlife experts say that this specific case is unique because the same creature kept targeting him over and over again.

Maybe the bear was looking for a gigantic jar of honey or perhaps a picnic basket.

Matt Sterner

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