Teen Gets Smacked In The Face By A Seagull On Amusement Park Ride (VIDEO)

Crazy video from an amusement park in New Jersey shows the moment a seagull lands in the shocked face of a teenager.

Certain amusement park rides are scary enough, but this teenager got an entirely different experience from others.

The scene reportedly unfolded as Kiley Holman was visiting Morey’s Piers in the city of Wildwood, New Jersey. Almost immediately, she was greeted with an unforgettable happening when she and her friend decided to ride an attraction, known as the SpringShot.

This ride propels passengers straight up into the air at a wild and crazy 75 miles per hour. Seconds after being sent skyward on the ride, Holman was stunned when a seagull flew into their path and became lodged in the restraint in front of her face.

“It was going the opposite way and then it came back and hit me right in the face,” she recalled to a local TV station.

It was frightening for both the teenager and the seagull, who was probably just taking a calm stroll around the theme park. To her credit, the teen calmly — sort of — grasped the feathered friend and managed to free it from the situation.

Take a look for yourself.

Matt Sterner

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