Guy Cooks Pizza Near An Active Volcano in Guatemala

A chef from Guatemala thinks of a creative and dangerous way to make a pizza.

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When I was younger, I thought I was cool when my parents would let me cook a frozen pizza in the oven. I felt like I accomplished something.

This amateur chef surpasses my coolness, though.

Mario David Garcia Mansilla loves pizza and has a passion for making it. He recently discovered a unique way to make money and at the same time, offer tourists some tasty bites from the fiery heat of a volcano.

Mansilla is often found on the slopes of the Pacaya Volcano preparing his ingredients and then cooking pizza by laying it out on a baking tray next to the lava. The scorching heat of the volcano does its job and gets things crispy, and then visitors to the area tend to pay money to sample the “delicacy.”

Footage of Mansilla, which can be seen below, shows him stepping on the sketchy rocks at the edge of the lava, which is still flowing. Can I get mine well done?

Matt Sterner

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