Elon Musk’s Feet Are Not Very Popular on WikiFeet

The billionaire SpaceX/Tesla CEO’s lower extremities have scored a rating of just 2.7 out of 5 with foot lovers.

Courtesy: WikiFeet

So, there’s a website that’s nightmare-inducing for people who hate to look at feet, but for those that love feet, well, they’re in heaven, so to speak.

Random feet are always showing up on the website and now Elon Musk’s feet are making an appearance. What’s the verdict? Well, they’re not very popular with the people who spend way too much time looking at and rating feet.

On Sunday, July 11, moments before his flight on the Virgin Galactic spaceplane VSS Unity, billionaire Virgin Group founder Richard Branson tweeted a photo of himself with fellow billionaire, Tesla/SpaceX CEO Elon Musk.

In the photo, Branson is wearing shoes. Musk, not even close.

Most people wouldn’t have cared or noticed that he’s barefoot, but not the feet-lovin’ community of WikiFeet — can’t get anything past them.

WikiFeet is like Wikipedia, but for people with a fetish for feet and who enjoy uploading and rating photos of the feet that belong to various celebrities (and in some cases, random people who often justifiably find the experience extremely unnerving).

Musk’s score on WikiFeet is pretty bad. Out of a max score of 5, WikiFeet users have rated Musk’s feet a dismal 2.65.

Here are a few review highlights:

  • Bad pics.
  • He doesn’t show his feet at all. Super rare
  • One of the few places on the internet where he’s not critically acclaimed
  • I‘d need better quality pictures to make my final decision.
  • Come on, lemme see his feet!!
  • Bruh
  • I’d love to see more!

Out of the other billionaires trying to get into space before the others, Musk isn’t particularly too far behind. Branson has a 3.33 rating, while Amazon/Blue Origin’s Jeff Bezos comes in at a measly 3.15.

Matt Sterner

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