‘Bigfoot Chases An ATV’ Video Is Making Its Rounds Online

A questionable video of an apparent Bigfoot pursuing two men riding an ATV has been making itself known on the internet.

Courtesy: @squatchmenow/TikTok

A lot of people are getting creative when it comes to making online content, and TikTok has been leading the way as of late. For example, plenty of fake videos of UFOs, ghosts, and Bigfoot are surfacing every day.

So, what the heck are we supposed to believe? Well, that’s up to you.

This latest one, which has been given the searchable title “Bigfoot chases man on ATV”, was uploaded onto TikTok — it’s managed to rack up over a quarter of a million ‘likes’ from viewers.

The video was filmed by one of two men riding an ATV (all-terrain vehicle) along a trail in the middle of some forest. The location is unknown, but it is believed to be somewhere in North America — could be a green screen.

As they continue along the trail, the on-screen text suggests that someone or something had placed a downed tree across the route. The camera then pans left to catch a glimpse of a humanoid figure running through the trees.

It appears to be remarkably short, has no musculature, and does not move like a large ape. Also, it looks like a costume someone picked up on clearance at a Spirit Halloween store. Check it out for yourself, though.

Matt Sterner

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