10 Terrible Patriotic Tattoos That’ll Make You Cringe

Don’t get carried away and get something you’ll regret this Fourth of July.

The Fourth of July involves fireworks, family gatherings, burgers sizzling on the grill, and good times with your favorite friends. Also, don’t forget that jammin’ tune featuring Hulk Hogan slaying on the guitar.

However, don’t get too carried away and get something you’ll most likely regret.

For instance, these patriotic tattoos will make you cringe so hard you’ll no longer feel bad about that horrible tattoo you got when you were a teenager.

Anyway, here are 10 tattoos that make me feel better about myself.

I don’t get it. Is this person for sale?

This eagle is totally shreddin’, dude.

The shredding continues. Is that a dinosaur?

This one is downright frightening. “Have you paid your taxes?!”

I think I’d like this one more if it was a unicorn.

Daughter. Country. Star Wars.

It’s a tattoo of an eagle with a tattoo on its face. That makes sense.

…And a double whammy to end my list of 10 terrible patriotic tattoos.

Now, that was a lot to take in. I apologize. In order to cleanse your eyes, I leave you with something easier to admire.

Here’s a corgi…

Matt Sterner

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