10 Neat Tips For Surviving An Alien Invasion

A very important guide for making sure you make it out on the surviving end of an attack.

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We’ve seen it happen in countless films — alien invasions.

Not everyone takes it seriously and simply believes that it’s only something that happens in the movies. However, there’s gotta be some inspiration behind this phenomenon that we’ve witnessed in films like Independence Day or Mars Attacks.

So, what would you do if it really happened? According to a new survey, folks in the UK would call upon Arnold Schwarzenegger to help them out. What if the former California Governator isn’t around?

Here are some tips and tricks from WatchMojo.com.

Written by Q.V. Hough.

#10: Be Peaceful

When aliens do arrive, we should give them the benefit of the doubt… at least until they attack. So, communication will be essential, and the best way to reach an understanding is through peace. BUT, if aliens have already invaded planet earth, then pivot your strategy by showing goodwill towards fellow humans. In fact, it makes sense to immediately identify yourself as a peaceful environmentalist, because that always calms people down. Be prepared for the worst, but don’t make life more difficult by creating unnecessary drama among survivors. When the aliens arrive, give peace a chance.

#9: Obtain a Weapon

Ok, what do you do when peace didn’t work and the aliens clearly have bad intentions? You get a weapon…a BIG weapon, because how can you know what the extraterrestrials have stashed away? And it’s not good enough to simply accumulate weapons – you need to know how to use them and how to act efficiently. When the aliens arrive, nobody will care if you LOOK tough carrying a machine gun, they’ll want to know that you can plow through an army of angry aliens if necessary. In the early stages, the extraterrestrials might even have heavy-duty body armor that we don’t even know about yet. So load up and be prepared.

#8: Find a Gas Mask & Hazmat Suit

The aliens will likely be one step ahead. Ok, they’ll be a few steps ahead. Let’s be honest, they’ll probably know more about our world than we do. That’s why you’ll need a Hazmat Suit, because the air will likely be contaminated at some point. Or, think about this: some of your friends and associates may already be infected with some type of weird alien disease. So, it makes sense to find a breathing apparatus and respirator, too, in case someone, or something, gets too close. Plus, aliens might even be able to change their appearance, and then you’ll have a lot more to think about. Find a suit and accept that it’s your new uniform.

#7: Get Out of the City

WHY are you in the city? Go…go! The aliens will CRUSH our biggest cities – no, they will demolish them. So, you need to get out of dodge immediately. If we’ve learned anything from the movies, it’s that aliens target populated areas. Of course, they could eventually make their way to the country, too. But they’ll be mostly focused on destroying major cities to establish control, at least theoretically. Make your way to small towns to re-strategize and to assemble the appropriate items. Don’t be the person that’s hiding in the cellar…. in the city. Aliens will find you, and they will probably kill you if they’ve already shown signs of aggression.

#6: Avoid Meteorites & Their Crash Sites

Given that aliens come from space, you’ll need to avoid areas that have been affected by space objects. We can’t be sure what the aliens are planning, but we can use common sense to identify places of interest. Not only could these sites be highly toxic, but they could also be part of some larger plan; they could be hubs for alien life forms that have yet to materialize. Everybody assumes that aliens will make a grand entrance, but they could be among us already and waiting for the right moment to emerge.

#5: Find a Way to Hide / Camouflage

If you’re out of the big city, you’ll need to adapt to your environment. Aliens could potentially have technology that identifies human movements, but we can still try to hide. And so, you’ll need to think for yourself while gathering intel from other humans. Be practical with traditional camouflage, but also brainstorm to identify various ways to counteract alien tactics. This may involve some long-term strategizing, but the ultimate goal is to beat the aliens at their own game. If they can’t see you, then you may eventually be able to move in closer for a game-changing attack.

#4: Seek Military Aid

Many humans will flock to military bases. That’s a smart decision because there will be weapons, technology, underground hideouts, and a community of survivors for support. From day one, you’ll have elite training from soldiers, along with a sense of discipline. This will be crucial for long-term survival, as some outsiders will psychologically crumble over time. So, if you’re if surrounded by military minds and survivors that are truly committed to the cause, you’ll be able to operate more efficiently under pressure. First and foremost, though, you’ll be safe, or at least let’s hope so.

#3: Be a Cunning Linguist

It never hurts to have a solid understanding of language and symbols. When the aliens arrive, such knowledge will be crucial for initial contact. So, if you’re a cunning linguist – somebody that geeks out over the art of communication – then you’ll be important for human survival. You’ll be able to think outside the box and strategize with other cunning linguists to identify patterns and the smallest of details. Many people will rely solely on logic and be ready to engage if the aliens SEEM to be aggressive. But linguists can bridge the gap between our world and theirs, even if it takes days, months or years.

#2: Scavenge or Steal Their Technology

If peace and cunning linguists don’t work, then you’ll need to find ways to rip off the aliens. Steal their stuff, and take what you need to fight back. This won’t be easy, of course, but angry linguists could possibly form an elite squad to confuse the aliens, allowing for trained special forces to penetrate the appropriate locations for intel. After all, there might not be one single mothership – there could be various alien locations on the ground. This is when all the military training and long-time strategizing come in handy. Plus, the aliens will be frustrated by your power move.

#1: Destroy the Mothership

First and foremost, focus on destroying the aliens’ headquarters. Whether it’s a single vessel in the sky, or some bizarre structure on the ground, you’ll need to understand what you’re dealing with and then take the appropriate action for survival. It could be really simple, as the alien mothership may actually have an obvious weak spot that humans can attack. Such a task will involve a coordinated effort from the military, cunning linguists and highly-trained civilians, and it would be the most logical way to prevent aliens from taking over Mother Earth. So, when all else fails, go hard at the mothership, and take out those alien bastards.

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