WATCH: ‘Three-Eyed Rat Hybrid’ Runs Rampant In a Viral Video

A unique little creature has gone viral on TikTok. Perhaps it’s just a punk rock squirrel?

Just when you thought you’ve seen everything, a wacky three-eyed creature hits the streets.

A recent video that was uploaded to TikTok is nightmare-inducing and creepy enough to give chills to the toughest of the tough guys choosing to read this article. There’s clearly some sort of so-called “half rat hybrid” animal running around like it owns the place.

The little critter is hairy enough to say that most of its body is covered in hair, its tail is half bald, though, and it’s also got some bald patches on its face — leading to some viewers saying that it has “three eyes”.

It’s unclear where the clip was captured, but it was uploaded on March 22, 2021, by user @.airwave and has since been watched more millions of times. It’s even harnessed thousands of comments.

Perhaps it’s just a punk rock squirrel?

Matt Sterner

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