Bizarre Masked Person is Creeping Out a South Carolina Community

Investigators are seeking to identify the individual who has been “involved in suspicious activity.”

Well, this is one way to make an impression.

Many residents of a neighborhood in South Carolina are getting creeped out because local authorities are warning them about an eerie masked man on the prowl. He’s been spotted roaming around their community and staring into surveillance cameras.

Not strange at all, right?

You can see from the image that the mysterious stranger knows what he or she is doing. According to the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office, the creepy dude or dudette “scared the residents in the house” before vanishing into the night.

The report led the department to share the photo on their Facebook page and asked residents of the city for any help in identifying the masked man.

So far, it would appear that person has not done anything dastardly or illegal, but the sheriff’s office let the public know that they were investigating the situation — describing it as “suspicious activity.”

Some people are comparing this creepy person to the infamous ‘Slender Man,’ while others suggested that perhaps it was just someone trying to pull off an ill-advised practical joke.

Matt Sterner

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