‘Haunted Paranormal Ghost Guitar’ is on the market for $666

“I’ve heard the strings discordantly ring out, despite no one being near the guitar.”

A seller in Ohio is attempting to find a new owner of an acoustic guitar that they claim is possessed by the spirit of its previous owner. Oh, and the cost for the guitar is $666 — naturally.

The interesting relic has been listed on the online instrument marketplace Reverb under the eye-catching title ‘Haunted Paranormal Ghost Guitar’ by someone simply billed as American Vintage & Boutique Music Emporium from the town of New Lebanon.

Even if you’re not interested in the instrument, you’ve got to read the entertaining ad. The current owner explains that the instrument originally belonged to “a kid that lived on my street when I was growing up” and that he “was rumored to be into devil worship, seances, Aleister Crowley, Black Magic, and other dark endeavors of the spirit world.”

The seller continues with another claim that the young man, who was purportedly born in June of 1966, died at the young age of 13 under mysterious circumstances wherein he was allegedly found inexplicably electrocuted with the acoustic guitar atop his body.

The seller also says that since they’ve had the guitar a lot of strange activity has been happening.

“I’ve heard the strings discordantly ring out, despite no one being near the guitar,” said the seller.

In the end, the owner is looking for $666 from anyone who is “brave enough to tamper with the spirit world” and dares to purchase the piece.

So, do you have the guts to buy it? Check it out for yourself at reverb.com.

Matt Sterner

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